Tech News Today 1728: Hip Hop-Sized Hole

Drake’s new album “More Life” sets streaming records on Apple Music and Spotify. On Apple Music, “More Life” was streamed 89.9 million times in the first 24 … source

‘Arrested Development’ struggles to shake off recent controversies

Netflix’s revival of Arrested Development may have had a mixed reception from critics and fans, but the dysfunctional Bluth family isn’t done yet. Five years after the premiere of the…

Redmi 6 Plus, Patanjali SIM Card, Vivo X21, Redmi 5@ ₹834,Triple Lens iPhone, Idea Free 30GB-TTN#115

Welcome to Trakin Tech news episode 115 – In today’s tech news we talk about Redmi 6 Plus confirmation, Patanjali Launches their Swadeshi SIM Cards, Vivo … source

Google considering Bitcoin: Tech News Today 929

A post on Reddit points to the possibility that Google is considering Bitcoin as a viable payment option. For the full episode, go to source

Tech News Today 1098: Talko Tuesday

Hosts: Mike Elgan, Joe Panettieri and Jason Howell Facebook’s new advertising platform is on the horizon, Ray Ozzie returns with an app that aims to redefine … source

Whither VR/AR?

“Despite many pronouncements that 2016 was the year of VR, a more apt word for virtual reality might be absence,” The Economist observed caustically last summer, noting that during that…

Tech News Today 118: Don’t Hide The Kids And Wife

Hosts:Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Darren Kitchen and Jason Howell. Facebook’s new email service, Amazon’s password-cracking service, whether Path is a good … source

Will smart home tech make us care more about privacy?

Fen Zhao Contributor Share on Twitter Fen Zhao is an early stage investor at Alpha Edison who previously developed public private partnerships at the National Science Foundation in the areas…

Retail Plans for Apple Watch at Retail Stores: Tech News Today 1219

As we get closer to the hotly anticipated launch next month of the Apple Watch, the details around how Apple will sell it are starting to emerge. Now, Mark ……

Tech News Today 525: The Next Instagram

It’s Tablet-palooza, but who’s winning and who’s giving up? Spotify takes on Pandora on the side of humans, and more. Hosts: Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Iyaz … source

Tech News Weekly 33: We’re Updating Our Privacy Policy

1:19 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before regulators in the EU to talk about how the company will protect its users, and Kurt Wagner from Recode … source

Tech News Today 1691: About Flippin’ Time

Google released its Bad Ads report for 2016, showing that it eliminated 1.7 billion ads from its network. Those ads came in direct violation of its policies, more … source