Web Founder Says ‘Right to be Forgotten’ is Dangerous: Tech News Today 1152

Tim Berners-Lee, who created the web, said at LeWeb conference today in Paris that Europe’s right to be forgotten rule is a bad and dangerous idea. “The right … source

FCC slaps robocaller with record $120M fine, but it’s like ’emptying the ocean with a teaspoon’

Whoever thought we would leave telemarketing behind in this brave new smartphone world of ours lacked imagination. Robocalls are a menace growing in volume and even a massive $120 million…

Tech News Today 1382: Microsoft in Your Ear

Anchor: Mike Elgan and Co-Anchor: Kashmir Hill 11/5/15: Microsoft is working on a wearable computer that lives in your ear, Google turns up VR on YouTube, … source

Wear OS is getting a new battery saving mode

Given Google’s recent rebranding mode and a few pieces of news trickling out over the past week, it seemed safe to expect some key updates for the operating system formerly…

Tech News Today (May 5th, 2017)


Google used improv rules to deal with a farting Assistant

Listen, it’s late on day two of Google I/O and we’re all getting a bit punchy here. During a late-afternoon panel on design and Assistant, Google Principal Designer Ryan Germick…

Tech News Today 1492: UC Davis Pepper Spray

Hosts: Jason Howell, Megan Morrone Guest: Patrick Beja Patrick Beja of frenchspin.com joins Jason Howell and Megan Morrone to discuss the RCMP and its … source

Our first round of judges for the TC Startup Battlefield Europe at VivaTech

TechCrunch Startup Battlefield is headed to VivaTech in Paris on May 24th to find and feature the best early-stage startup across Europe! In partnership with VivaTech, Startup Battlefield Europe will…

Tech News Today 1813: Bad Millennial

Apple just launched a new machine learning site at machinelearning.apple.com. Volume 1 Issue One of the Apple Machine Learning Journal is available to read … source

Uber to pop up a service in Spain’s Costa del Sol in time for summer

Uber is expanding its presence in Spain by launching a licensed service on the country’s southern Costa del Sol coastline — ahead of the summer season when the region draws…

Dropbox beats expectations for its first quarterly check-in with Wall Street

Dropbox made its debut as a public company earlier this year and today passed through its first milestone of reporting its results to public investors, and it more or less…

Free stock trading app Robinhood rockets to a $5.6B valuation with new funding round

Robinhood started off as a dead-simple stock trading application that had no transaction fees — but since it’s continued to grow, and especially as it starts to dive into cryptocurrency, investors…