Tech News Today 814: Piracy is a Compliment

Email services shut down because of spies, piracy better than an Emmy! BlackBerry’s almost out of options, and more. source

Microsoft announces ‘Halo Infinite’

There were some rumblings that Microsoft might announce a new Halo title at this year’s E3 — and really, what would an Xbox event be without some nod to the…

Tech News Today 1528: Free Pizza!

Hosts: Megan Morrone, Jason Howell Guests: Jill Duffy, Mike Murphy Blizzard Entertainment collaborates with Facebook to allow users to livestream the game … source

Microsoft acquires a whole bunch of game studios

Microsoft kept the gaming announcements coming at its Xbox E3 press conference where it announced a series of studio acquisitions meant to bolster the original gaming content emerging from the…

TopDaily Tech News Today – December 23 2016

Facebook and Google head-to-head Tesla raising prices New highway that produces electricity and much more! First ‘solar highway’ ! France just introduced a … source

Tech News Today 675: More Mobile Butter

Google turns it around, Nokia’s best camera yet, how Steve Jobs used patents as a weapon, and more. source

Tech News Today 1689: Game of Water Bottles

Samsung spills the beans on why its batteries exploded, Google Voice gets a MUCH needed update, Yahoo is under the SEC spotlight for its history of hacks, … source

The largest buys of tech’s Big Five: a look at M&A deals

In startup land, the mandate is to get bought, go public or die trying. And, as far as getting bought goes, one of tech’s Big Five could be a desirable…

USI Tech Coin Update and Migration to new platform URGENT!

USI-Tech holders of TechCoin can get free DWE Tokens “airdropped” into your Digital World Exchange platform by following these instructions. FREE. Really? source

Korean crypto exchange Coinrail loses over $40M in tokens following a hack

Another day, another crypto hack. This time it’s Korea, the crypto-mad Asian country, where an exchange called Coinrail lost more than $40 million in altcoins, ICO-issued tokens that aren’t bitcoin…

Get Now. – today tech news in telugu

Get Now. Get Now. Get Now. Get Now. Get Now. – – – – – today tech news in telugu flooding flood flash flood flashflood how to make baggies from…

A Social Network to Reduce Stress: Tech News Today 1410

Robert Morris, a PHD at the MIT Media, talks about a social network called Koko that would reduce stress and help people connect with each other to get help, ……