PM Modi Interacts With Robot In Nanyang Tech University In Singapore

In his two-day visit to Singapore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He is also seen interacting with a robot at the … source

Nauto will notify drivers when they’re distracted in real-time

Nauto, the transportation company that aims to make human drivers safer and train autonomous vehicles for all types of scenarios, has just launched Prevent. Nauto Prevent is designed to prevent…

Patreon acquires Kit to let creators bundle merch in subscriptions

If content creators want to sell pricier monthly content subscriptions, offering stickers, pins, signed photos or t-shirts can convince fans to pay a higher fee and keep them loyal with…

Amazon and the Rooney Rule

Amazon announced its decision to adopt the Rooney Rule, and Jori Ford from G2 Crowd discusses why hiring in this way might not be making the workplace … source

10% Happier, a ‘no BS’ meditation app for skeptics, raises $3.7M in new funding

10% Happier, an app offering a series of meditation courses designed especially for those who think it’s all a bit of crock, has raised $3.7 million in new funding. The…

The Uberization of telcos

Dieter Gerdemann Contributor Dieter Gerdemann is a partner with global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney in the Communications, Media & Technology Practice. More posts by this contributor Beware the pitfalls…

Installing a Classic Radio in a Classic Car

George Thomas presents a video from Ed Richter oh Orlando, Florida, installing a classic Kenwood rig into a classic ’66 Mustang. For the full episode, visit … source

iOS 12 will let users register another person to their Face ID

From advancements in AR to Memojis to group FaceTime, there is plenty to be excited about with iOS 12. But one of the more practical updates to Apple’s mobile operating…

Indiegogo expands its efforts to help Chinese startups reach global consumers

While crowdfunding company Indiegogo has been running a pilot program in China for the past couple of years, it’s now building on those efforts with the launch of the Indiegogo China…

Time is Running Out For Bitcoin? Programmer explains.

Time is running out for Bitcoin – what does it mean and in what sense are we talking about? We discuss Stripe removing Bitcoin payments earlier and VISA … source