Full Speech: PM Modi Interacts With Students At Singapore’s Nanyang Tech University

Watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interaction with students at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) during his two-day visit to the country. source

Amazon latest to face UK complaint over ‘bogus self-employment’

Amazon is the latest tech giant to be targeted by a legal challenge in the UK related to gig economy working practices. The UK’s GMB Union is filing suit on behalf…

Tech News Today 1069: The Botlr Did It

Hosts: Mike Elgan, Jason Howell and Joe Panettieri Siri’s creators are working on a better assistant called Viv, Obama launches U.S. Digital Service to enact … source

Music startup Roli adds Sony as investor, eyes up expanded range of hardware and software

When people think of music startups in the tech world, the focus is often on streaming, or figuring out how to better track and monetise those streams, or perhaps hardware…

This robotic hose-dragon could jet its way into burning buildings

While hose-toting drones may be a fantasy, hose-powered robo-dragons (or robotic hose-dragons — however you like it) are very much a reality. This strange but potentially useful robot from Japanese…