Tech News Today 1638: The Day the Data Died

VoteCastr failed in helping to redefine how early polling predictions are executed. Twitter loses COO Adam Bain as it seeks to restructure the company and … source

Tech News Today 1390: Anonymous Takes on ISIS

Anonymous claims to have identified more than 100K Twitter accounts associated with ISIS. Get full show notes at source

Tech News Today 429: 57% Zuck

Hosts: Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell Sony’s in the red, Google got itself a Bouncer, the Facebook fallout, AMD’s new strategy, and more. Guest: MG … source

Tech News Today 1804: Who Has 3 Thumbs and an iPad?

Microsoft will lay off 10 percent of its sales force in an effort to reorganize the way it sells its cloud platform, Azure. The jobs will likely be mostly outside…

Google Cars: Tech News Today 1016

Google is now a car-maker. The company unveiled self-driving car prototypes designed and built by Google X labs. Google said in a blog post that they’re … source

Not just another decentralized web whitepaper?

Given all the hype and noise swirling around crypto and decentralized network projects, which runs the full gamut from scams and stupidity, to very clever and inspired ideas, the release…