Tech News Today 1170: VCs Take a Pot Shot

Lead Anchor: Mike Elgan and Co-Anchor: Elise Hu More news and analysis from the CES show floor today! Silicon Valley VCs are looking to disrupt the … source

Former Twitter employees prove innovation isn’t just for profit

There’s no secret the tech industry suffers a reputation for harmfully disrupting a community. But not everyone in tech is to blame for the negative effects. In 2015 Ben Kovacs…

Tech News Today 541: Riding the Creepy Line

Ultrabooks disappoint, O2 network outage, Facebook Groups getting creepy, and more. Hosts: Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell Guest: … source

VCs like what they are hearing out of the podcasting sector

Podcasts are television for the earbud generation. And podcasts have been around for a surprisingly long time. If you’re one of the folks who got hooked on podcasts around 2014,…

Tech News Today 576: It’s Getting a Little Leaky

Hosts: Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell Windows Phone 8 launch date, new iPhone’s leaking everywhere, Amazon’s sold out of Kindle Fires, and … source

The robot revolution is just beginning

Sanjit Dang Contributor Share on Twitter Sanjit Dang is an investment director at Intel Capital. More posts by this contributor What’s holding back VR? Online Commerce Needs An Offline Experience…

Tech News Today 984: Microsoft and Sony Fund Patent Trolling

Apple and Intel refuse to fund patent trolling this time, 44% of Twitter users have never tweeted, Amazon buys Comixology, and more. source

Tech News Today 1532: The Other Calling

Hosts: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, Jason Howell Guest: Sam Machkovech Fr. Robert Ballecer joins Jason Howell to talk about Amazon’s unannounced full-blown … source

Tech News Today 1728: Hip Hop-Sized Hole

Drake’s new album “More Life” sets streaming records on Apple Music and Spotify. On Apple Music, “More Life” was streamed 89.9 million times in the first 24 … source

‘Arrested Development’ struggles to shake off recent controversies

Netflix’s revival of Arrested Development may have had a mixed reception from critics and fans, but the dysfunctional Bluth family isn’t done yet. Five years after the premiere of the…

Redmi 6 Plus, Patanjali SIM Card, Vivo X21, Redmi 5@ ₹834,Triple Lens iPhone, Idea Free 30GB-TTN#115

Welcome to Trakin Tech news episode 115 – In today’s tech news we talk about Redmi 6 Plus confirmation, Patanjali Launches their Swadeshi SIM Cards, Vivo … source

Google considering Bitcoin: Tech News Today 929

A post on Reddit points to the possibility that Google is considering Bitcoin as a viable payment option. For the full episode, go to source