Android Auto Hits the Road!: Tech News Today 1266

The long-awaited Android Auto operating system is finally available in new cars. The first car to get it is the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. For the full episode, go to ……

Looks like macOS 10.14 will have a new dark mode and an Apple News app

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is just a couple of days away, but some of the updates appear to have been revealed early. Specifically, developer Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted some screenshots this…

NAB 2015 Trends: Tech News Today 1237

The National Association of Broadcasters Show is ongoing in Las Vegas. It’s closed to the public, but expected to bring in 100000 in the media and … source

It’s OK to leave Facebook

The slow-motion privacy train wreck that is Facebook has many users, perhaps you, thinking about leaving or at least changing the way you use the social network. Fortunately for everyone…

Tech News Today 12: I Bought An iPhone?

Hosts:Tom Merritt, Becky Worley and Sarah Lane Randomized iPhone orders, Motorola Droid X, Redbox gets DVDs on release day, Portal 2 preview, and more. source

Microsoft’s Hotly Anticipated Fitness Band: Tech News Today

Microsoft today unveiled its hotly anticipated fitness wearable device, which they’re calling Microsoft Band. The watch goes on sale today for $199. For the full … source

Scaling startups are setting up secondary hubs in these cities

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor What does it take to be a startup that raises huge sums quickly? Not a minimalist? Startups will gladly store, manage and…

Tech News Today 580: Amazon’s On Fire

Hosts: Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell Amazon stuns the world, Motorola adds more names to their phones, mobile gamers rule, and … source

Gillmor Gang: Hollywood Signs

The Gillmor Gang — Frank Radice, Keith Teare, Esteban Kolsky, Michael Markman, and Steve Gillmor . Recorded live Friday, June 1, 2018. Why Mary Meeker’s report is real news, the…

Tech News Today 271: Relic From The Future

Hosts:Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell Lulzsec identities revealed? Apple says iWeb’s out so deal with it, microtransactions coming to Xbox, and more … source

Scaling startups are setting up secondary hubs in these cities

America’s mayors have spent the past nine months tripping over each other to curry favor with in its high-profile search for a second headquarters. More quietly, however, a similar…

Tech News Today 1768: Pass the Smalt

In reference to the latest ransomware attack, Microsoft President and chief legal officer Brad Smith calls out the potential harm caused when governments, ours … source