Why Google’s Project Ara is Delayed: Tech News Today 1328

We told you on a previous episode that Google’s Project Ara modular phone was delayed. And now we know why: The phones tended to fall apart when you dropped them….

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News for Today – India Student wins Google Code-in Contest , Google to Shutdown Picasa, Southeast Asia to see total solar eclipse, Amkette launches Evo gamepad pro 2. source

NEW GTX 10 Series LAPTOP GPU’s – Everything you Need to Know.

GTX 1080 Laptop? GTX 1070 Laptop? GTX 1060 laptop? YES, YES, YES 🙂 True Desktop GTX 10 performance in Laptops. Today Nvidia officially announces it’s new Laptop GPU line. GONE…

Star Wars Episode 9 Revolutionary Technology Coming! & More (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9, the film in which takes place after star wars the last jedi. It will be…

Tech News Today 1688: Hold The Phone!

Meitu, the Chinese selfie app that asks for an insane amount of permissions, issued a statement to CNET saying that China requires them to implement alternative tracking methods for user…

NASA’s planet-hunting TESS telescope launches Monday aboard a SpaceX rocket

Some of the most exciting space news of the past few years has been about Earth-like exoplanets that could one day (or perhaps already do) support life. TESS, a space…

PullRequest pulls in $8M Series A just months after scoring seed round

PullRequest has been on a whirlwind lately, but it’s the kind that any startup would likely welcome. The company was in Y Combinator last August just trying to learn the…

Nokia Unveils $249 Tablet Nokia N1: Tech News Today 1138

Nokia is back in the hardware business. The company unveiled today a new $249 tablet called the Nokia N1. The tablet runs Android 5.0 with Nokia’s Z Launcher user interface….

MOBILE & GADGETS | How you can buy Laptop, Smartwatch and Smartphone for 30 thousand rupees?

How you can buy Laptop, Smartwatch and Smartphone for 30 thousand rupees?. Watch the full segment for more details. Zee Business is one of the leading and fastest growing Hindi…

News Today | HP debuts Pavilion Gaming Laptops with many choices for mainstream gamers

So in an attempt to get something out of the trend, HP the world’s biggest computer maker, is looking embrace the trend and keep step with its fellow Texas computing…

Technology news March 2nd 2017 DNA Computers Android malware google chrome and more

Latest technology news update for Thursday March 2nd 2017. source

News Today | You can snag this limited-edition gold Razer Phone starting today

The 2018 Gold Edition Razer Phone is the same as the standard version in specifications and features, but sports a luxury gold Razer logo on the rear. ——————————————… source